2023 Pierce County Prayer Breakfast

The 2023 Pierce County Prayer Breakfast will be back this year and is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th at 6:30 AM. Some new and exciting changes this year. First, it will be held at the Puyallup State Fairgrounds.  Also for the first time, this year’s breakfast will be a catered buffet from Gallucci’s. We are excited about our new home and partnership with Gallucci’s. 
We are honored to have Krista Linden as our speaker for the 2023 Prayer Breakfast.  Please listen to an inspiring interview with Krista Linden. We look forward to seeing you there!



  About Krista Linden
Have you ever read the parable of the talents and wondered how you missed out entirely on God’s talent distribution? That’s me! My whole life I’ve wished I had a talent, any kind of talent. When I was asked to be the speaker for the 2023 Pierce County Prayer Breakfast, I immediately shut it down. My goodness, Billy Graham and Chuck Colson have been speakers at this event. Who am I to stand on the same stage as those who have been given such immense talent and calling by God? Once I calmed down, I decided to say yes because most people in the audience will be more like me than like Billy Graham. And because saying yes to hard things over and over again has become…well, I’ve realized it might be my God-given talent.
My name is Krista Linden. On May 11th, I will take you on a journey of my life and how God has used this very shy girl from a farm in Henderson, Colorado to tenaciously cultivate a love for motherhood, children, and family and to graciously elevate its significance in our society. In 1997, I started Step By Step, and since, have supported more than 20,000 women to deliver a healthy baby and get a positive start to parenting. In 2019, after raising millions of dollars, Step By Step opened the social enterprise, Farm 12 Restaurant and Events, and in 2022, we opened Fika, a bakery and coffee shop. These enterprises employ nearly 200 people, including many Step By Step moms. My next project is to build an early learning center for 200 children.
I’ve been given many awards over my career and my work has been on national television, but my greatest achievements in my life are being married to my college sweetheart for 30 years, being mom to seven amazing daughters ages 14-28, and saying yes to God’s call on my life to give strength, a voice, and opportunity to the most vulnerable. See you soon!


Consider a Table Sponsorship
We look forward to seeing you at the Pierce County Prayer Breakfast in 2023. Please consider sponsoring a table.  We are looking for businesses, organizations, and private individuals to sponsor tables. Invite associates, employees, customers and friends. This is a great way to meet and network with others from the community who are attending the breakfast.